The boldest design without much effort!
Development, support and implementation of projects

Space to materialize
your ideas!

Here you can:
• make a prototype
• consult with specialists
• learn how to work on different equipment
• order something unique

Realized dreams

What are we doing?

We leverage modern IT technologies and manufacturing tools to create ordinary and extraordinary things.

Who are we?

Bringing together engineers, inventors, handmakers, start-ups who are ready to share their experiences, equipment and take part in exciting projects. The community is united by the idea of innovation and invention

The social component

We create socially-oriented products with the help of workshop equipment, we build social connections between different people


Equipment Rental, Workshops, Custom Manufacturing


Design documentation, calculations, and future product design


Creating 3D models and prototypes. Making layouts.

Custom Made Products

Manufacture of wood products, plywood, plastics, fiberglass and other materials


Conducting courses, master classes, mentoring projects.

Equipment Rental

Providing Customers with Unique Equipment: CNC Machine, 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, Laser Engraver (equipment list will be updated)

Social projects

Creating mechanisms to turn people with disabilities into people with disabilities. Support for other social projects.


Bringing together like-minded people who share a common purpose.


Founder, inventor, mentor, 3D modeling and 2D graphics


Electrical engineering, robotics programming, prototyping, 3D printing


Master, production technology, CNC operator, material science


3D modeling, 2D graphics, prototyping, 3D printing. Filmmaker, photographer, motion designer


Co-founder, art manager, photographer, pablic relations specialist

Completed projects